These days everyone reckons they're capable of running their own social media accounts but the reality is it's highly specialized and very time-consuming. It's more than firing out a barrage of content hoping to get some engagement. It's building online communities around your business, nurturing those connections and in that way building brand loyalty. A strong social presence is essential for any business, big or small. It's one of the first places potential customers go to find information about you - if they can't find you on Facebook or Instagram, do you even exist?!

We take the guess-work out of social media marketing by running your social pages on your behalf. This includes: 

  • Set up of social accounts including optimising profile images and cover photos (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor)

  • Designing content to post to your chosen platforms on a weekly basis 

  • Responding to all questions, comments & complaints in an agreed upon fashion 

  • Competitions and deals to boost following & engagement 

  • Planning monthly advertising campaigns, budgets & reporting 

  • One-page easy-to-understand reports on key metrics and an analysis of wins, losses & suggested improvements

Google ads and analytics

It's no longer only about putting out Facebook & Instagram ads! Part of a solid digital marketing strategy for small businesses includes Google Ads. You won't believe all the amazing things we can do when we harness the power of Google Ads and Google analytics! We will set up and manage your Google Ad campaigns and use the data we gleam for remarking campaigns and to inform our social media ad campaigns. 

Google Ads can show us so much valuable customer information including location, age and other useful demographic information. The more data we have available the better we are equipped to tailor other areas of our strategy to better target your audience. 

We offer monthly maintenance packages so you can carry on with business while we ensure you Google Ad campaigns are optimised and error-free!


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