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What To Expect When Working With Us

You're swamped and itching to get some help with your business's marketing. But it's scary to trust somebody else to take control of a certain aspect of your business. We get it. So we thought we would give you peace of mind by giving you some insight into what it's like to work with us.

Step One: Initial Consult

Before you can decide whether we're the right fit for one another, we need an initial consult. This will be an hour long chat over coffee to discuss your business, your objectives and what you hope to achieve through your marketing. We would then be able to send you a quote based off this information. Should you accept the quote, you will be sent a contract to sign and return to us before work can commence. Then it's time for some fun!

Step Two: Brand Strategy Brainstorm

Once you've signed the contract, we'll set up some time to sit and brainstorm ideas. This can include promotions, campaigns and general day-to-day strategy. This is a vital step for every business and it cannot be skipped over.

Step Three: Strategy Implementation

Now is where you sit back and watch the magic happen! We'll take all those fabulous ideas and objectives, to create your content. Whether this is monthly social media content, email marketing campaigns or a new website, you'll be able to have full approval over all content before it is published.

Step Four: Reporting

If you choose to award us the privilege of managing your social platforms on a monthly basis, this will include receiving a report at the end of each month. This will show you in a simple, easy to read way how your page has performed and grown.

Our entire process and working relationship with our clients ensures they still have a level of control over their marketing - this is only right! If you're keen on having that initial chat with us, pop us an email and let's set up a meeting. Not in Durban? Let's schedule a Skype call (coffee mandatory).

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