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Why Your Business Needs A Brand Manager

Many people think social media marketing, blogging and other digital activities are not relevant to their business - how wrong they are! In a world where everyone turns to Facebook and Instagram to find information out about brands, you need somebody on your side. I prefer to consider what I offer brand management. We come on board and your business, becomes our business. Your problems are our problems. And your triumphs are ours too. We are the voice behind your business, one that makes sure it's heard amongst the ever-increasing noise. Here's why you need a brand manager for your business.

1. Crisis Management

What you say and do in a crisis situation is vital. It either restores trust or does more damage. Just this week, I had a client call me in a panic - there had been an incident, people were angry and she wasn't sure what the right thing to do was. I stepped in and crafted a statement and fed her suggestions of what she could do in addition to the statement to repair the damage. So far, our damage control has been well-received. A brands reputation can be severely damaged in the wake of bad publicity - especially by the keyboard warriors who love to splash their complaints all over Facebook or Twitter, before they've even given you a chance to make things right.

At Pitch Perfect, we're trained to manage delicate situations carefully and with tact, which is why in the social age, you need us more than ever before.

2. Agility

As creatives, brand managers are able to react quickly to new developments and trends, incorporating them into your businesses communication strategy swiftly. Being agile can give your business the edge by positioning you as forward-thinking and up to date.

3. Out-The-Box Thinking

We could literally sit and dream up amazing things to do with your brand all day long. These sometimes weird and wonderful ideas can turn into the campaigns and posts that people will remember, share and talk about long after we've moved on to new ideas. We have the capacity and know-how to take big, cool or even scary ideas and make them happen for your business.

4. Customer Service

Part of our job as your brand manager is to engage with your audience and build a loyal following as a result. This includes responding to relevant comments, answering questions, responding to reviews and of course putting out fires if need be. Excellent customer service will go a long way in securing repeat business, getting referrals and attracting new customers.

We hope this has made you rethink taking on the mammoth task of managing your brand all by yourself. We'd love to meet for a coffee and discuss all the ways we can lighten the load.

All the best,

Michaela - Owner, Pitch Perfect Marketing

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