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How Facebook's Algorithm Changes Could Be Affecting Your Social Media Strategy

Seen a decline in comments, likes and actions taken on your brands Facebook page? It's likely you've been affected by the algorithm change Facebook implemented back in January. Company CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced they had decided to change Facebook's newsfeed algorithm to ensure people see more content from family and friends and less 'spammy' content from businesses and brands.

This change is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, you're likely to see a decline in organic reach on your page - IF you keep up the same, boring content strategy that was hardly getting you much in terms of engagement to start with. This change can be used to your advantage. Zuckerberg stated that brands were now required to work harder to produce content that encourages meaningful engagement. In other words, this means content needs to add value and be useful.

Pages that get more engagement through getting people talking (i.e commenting and sharing) are going to rank better organically. This is why it's more vital than ever to get a social media expert on board to create a content strategy that's going to do just that - unless you're willing to pour money into promoting mediocre content (which we don't recommend). Great content and story telling will set your business apart from your competitors and give you the leading edge in terms of brand awareness.

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